The food and beverage staff at Fenton Farms Golf Club are not only excellent servers but they themselves are self confessed “ Foodies.”

The result is we like to serve only the food that we ourselves would like to eat.

Fenton Farms “Signature Grill” has been inspired by a series of culinary experiences from around the country. Taking the classic favorites from the grill, finding exceptional ingredients, great local meats, and bakery breads to create our Signature touch on just about everything we serve.

The goal is not to just serve a hotdog at the turn, but rather to serve a REALLY GOOD 100% pure beef hot dog with gourmet toppings.

Come on in to enjoy our legendary “Friendly Place” hospitality in our newly updated clubhouse or just sip a drink while watching those dazzling sunsets from our patio. (Oh yeah.. our Signature Drinks are every bit as good as our food. Some might even argue that they are better!)