9 Holes greens fees $14.00 per week per person // 9 Hole Cart Fee fee $8.00 per week per person // Before league Warms up Special $10.00 per person // (9 hole with cart from 12:00pm to 3:00pm on your league night)


Murphy Group- 10:00 AM – 10:56AM
HP Old Timers- 3:52 PM- 4:32 PM
Bucklers- 4:24 PM- 4:56 PM
Christian Mens 4:48 PM- 5:36 PM
GRCC- 5:12-5:44
Sue Baker 6:00 PM-6:16


Grand Reserve- 8:00 AM- 8:56AM
Walt Henry League- 9:04AM – 9:36AM
Boston’s- 4:00 PM – 4:48 PM
GM Engineering- 4:00 PM – 4:48PM
Hooks N Slices- 4:48PM – 5:28PM
Dirty Birdies- 5:04PM – 5:28PM
Ball Busters- 5:36-6:08
GHA- 5:44 – 6:00 PM


Hackaholics- 8:00AM – 8:24AM
Dorland League- 3:28PM – 4:40PM
McManiacs- 3:52PM- 4:40PM
Metal Fab- 4:56PM – 5:52PM
Genesee Ladies- 4:56PM-5:12PM
Wednesday Night Mixed- 5:28 PM-6:08PM


Thursday Morning Ladies- Open- 10:00 AM
Thirsty Thursdays- 3:28PM – 3:52PM
Bud Light Couples- 4:00PM- 4:24PM
Bar Breakers- 4:08PM- 5:04PM
Happy Endings- 4:40PM- 5:04PM
A League of Their Own- 5:12PM – 5:52PM
Thursday Night Mens- 5:20PM – 5:52PM
Moose Lodge Ladies- 6:00PM – 6:24PM
Zachary Stavedahl League- 6:16PM – 6:24PM


Ortiz Family League- 5:28PM- 5:44PM
Friday Night Fockers- 5:28 PM (Full nine shotgun)
Friday House League – 5:45 PM (Full nine shotgun)
Schulze League- 6:00PM Shotgun

SUNDAY (every other Sunday)

Pat Shaw couples League – 3:28PM – 5:04PM