Fenton Farms Golf Club is one of the communities most prolific FundRaising partners. We host numerous charitable golf outings every year raising thousands of dollars for local area charities every year. We also receive an overwhelming amount of requests for donated golf rounds or golf merchandise to be used in silent auctions, raffle prize or other contest. As much as we would like donate to every request, it is not feasible to do so. We have established the following policies:

1. All charitable donation requests must be made in writing through our website.

2. Local area charities take precedence over foreign charities.

3. We try to support a diversity of charities and special groups. We will limit the amount of support to any one event or charity. For example we receive over 12 requests annually for donations to Relay for Life teams . We will support up to 3 different parties which are raising money for the same event. This allows us to donate more complementary golf rounds to lesser known (and less funded) charities like the Amyloidosis Foundation or school booster programs.

4. Once your on-line request is submitted and approved, We will notify you that your donation card is in the golf shop waiting to be picked up.

5. Fenton Farms Golf Club will typically donate a two-some or foursome for an 18 hole round of golf. Greens fees only. Cart fees will be charged to the participant who redeems the donated golf card.

6. Donated charitable gift cards expire at the end of the season and must be used in the season in which they were issued.