League time is my time! A league is a great way to forge friendships that last a lifetime. It’s the one time of the week for you and your friends to enjoy quality time, a cold beer, and the warm sun on your back.

Most of the golf leagues come to Fenton Farms Golf Club with their rosters full. However it has been increasingly common to have a league coordinator come to us and say, “Help, I need 3 more players because 3 of my players got transferred out of state!”

To help facilitate both the individual who would like to join a league and the league coordinators dealing with attrition in their league, Fenton Farms Golf Club has established an “ ON DECK” program.

The “ON DECK” program is a database of individuals or teams of golfers who want to play on a league. Just click the link and you will be asked to fill out a simple form with your name, what time and date you would like to play and some other info so we can try to find a good match!

We cannot guarantee we can match everyone, but we have had pretty good results in the past. Even if you just want to sub occasionally, go ahead get “ON DECK” and get out here SWINGING!!