Additional details on Executive Order 2020-59.

Q: Are golf courses allowed to be open?

A: Yes, subject to strict conditions as required by this order and Executive Order 2020-43, governing places of public accommodation. Tee times must be scheduled and payments must be made in advance, online or by phone. Tee times must be spaced to avoid multiple foursomes from clustering or gathering at any stage of the course, and players must remain six feet from one another at all times. Maintenance workers and groundskeepers can come to work to maintain the safety and sanitation of the course, but neither the course nor its workers may provide goods, supplies, equipment, or services to golfers on premises. Accordingly, caddies, starters, and golf carts may not be provided, and clubhouses, pro shops, driving ranges, and miniature golf courses must remain closed. The order, however, does not prohibit a golf course from arranging for an accommodation for a golfer with a disability who requires one under state or federal law; confirmation of and arrangements for any such necessary accommodation must be carried out with the course in advance, online or by phone. Food and beverage may be sold for takeout, but may not otherwise be served to golfers. Under the order, all work must be carried out remotely to the greatest extent possible, and any in-person work that is permitted must be done in accordance with the mitigation measures required under section 11 of the order—including the heightened social-distancing rules required under section 11(h).